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What are Refractive Visual Abnormalities or Errors of Vision
20 November 2023
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Application of Special Low Vision Glasses
20 November 2023
Τι είναι ο Οπτομέτρης

An optometrist is a scientist whose object is the primary control of vision and rehabilitation of vision problems.

• The Optometrist investigates and solves the problems of vision function with objective and subjective control.
• Assesses visual acuity and determines qualitatively and quantitatively any refractive abnormalities of vision (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism)
• Analyzes stereoscopic vision as well as visual field.
• Selects and applies the appropriate optical aids: eyeglasses, sunglasses with or without correction, filters and contact lenses.
• It trains – through special exercises and techniques – people with problems coordinating eye movements and lack of smooth eye cooperation, to improve their vision.
• Manages amblyopia problems with systematic orthoptic exercises.
• Suggests, provides and adjusts visual aids such as specialized lenses, filters, protective glasses for athletes.
• Checks and assesses the remaining vision of patients with low vision due to a pathological cause. It applies low vision aids and additionally trains patients to use them.
• Manufactures and adjusts ocular prostheses.

Optometrist is an autonomous profession subject to licensing by the Ministry of Health.