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Low Vision Rehabilitation

Εφαρμογή Ειδικών Γυαλιών Χαμηλής Όρασης
Application of Special Low Vision Glasses
20 November 2023
Διάθλαση - Συνταγή Φακών Επαφής
Refraction – Degrees for Contact Lenses
20 November 2023
Αποκατάσταση χαμηλής όρασης

The Optometrist specialized in low vision guides and monitors the patient closely, so as to maximize the improvement of vision.

With the use of customized visual aids of low vision, the further progression of the disease is safeguarded, in most cases, and vision is progressively increased.

Low vision rehabilitation includes:

  • training sessions for the correct and effective use of special low vision glasses as well as low vision aids
  • counseling sessions and learning techniques for carrying out daily activities in order to improve living conditions
  • qualitative and quantitative investigation of the remaining vision and prognosis for the patient’s course
  • planning and organization of a program for the use of special low vision glasses
  • information on scientific evolution concerning the disease and the patient’s vision.