Low Vision Exam - Low Vision - Skoutari Optics
Αποκατάσταση χαμηλής όρασης
Low Vision Rehabilitation
20 November 2023
Εκπαίδευση Ασθενών με Χαμηλή Όραση
Training Patients with Low Vision
20 November 2023
Αναλυτική Εξέταση Χαμηλής Όρασης

In the pioneering and innovative “Low Vision Rehabilitation Center” of Skoutari Optical, which has been operating since 1996, a detailed and thorough control of low vision is performed.

The assessment of vision and capabilities of patients with low vision include:

  • ophthalmological record
  • patient’s health record
  • complete Optometric Inspection
  • measurement of visual distinction over long and short distances
  • control of sensitivity to low light contrast
  • measurement of potential visual acuity of the macula
  • investigation of the visual field
  • determination of visual disturbances and areas from which the patient sees
  • calculation of the best possible correction of visual acuity