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Executing Prescription for Eyeglasses

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At Skoutari Optical for many decades, the execution of the eyeglass prescription is done with absolute metodology and accuracy:

  • We advise and guide the patient on the right choice of ophthalmic lenses and the frame of glasses, based on the degree of correction of his refractive problem (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia), his activities and of course his aesthetics.
  • We make special measurements: interpupillary distance, height of optical centers, inclination of the frame and distance of the glasses from the face in order to achieve proper fit and easy adaptation to the new pair of glasses.

At Skoutari Optical we have an optical laboratory for cutting, placing and focusing ophthalmic lenses on vision and sun frames.

In our team consisting of specialized Optometrist, Opticians-Optometrists and Technical Opticians, we work together to offer maximum optical quality and the best aesthetic result even in the most difficult and demanding prescription for eyeglasses.