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Application of Special Low Vision Glasses

Τι είναι Οπτομετρία
What is Optometry
20 November 2023
Αποκατάσταση χαμηλής όρασης
Low Vision Rehabilitation
20 November 2023
Εφαρμογή Ειδικών Γυαλιών Χαμηλής Όρασης

The selection and application of special low vision glasses in Greece is made exclusively at the “Low Vision Rehabilitation Center” of Skoutari Optical, by the specialized in America in low vision Optometrist Mrs. Tatiana Skoutari.

Low vision glasses cannot be given by the Ophthalmologist or the Optician, who do not even have the ability to specialize in low vision, since only the Optometrist can have university specialization in low vision.

Low vision glasses are not conventional glasses and are not sold by test method, they are applied after careful control.
People with low vision cannot see with simple glasses like people who have refractive problems such as myopia and presbyopia. Special low vision glasses are needed both for long distance activities such as walking and watching TV, as well as for short distance tasks such as reading and writing.

The selection is based on the disease, age, visual acuity and expectations of the patient.

The application of the special low vision glasses is done by the specialized in low vision Optometrist Ms. Tatiana Skoutari, in every detail so that the best possible visual result is achieved and the patient can return to activities and habits as before acquiring a vision problem.