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Magnifying Glasses

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20 November 2023
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20 November 2023

Magnifying glasses are extremely useful for tasks such as jewelry making, watch repair, mapping, etc. but also for hobbies where attention to the smallest detail is required (stamp and coin collection, modeling, etc.).

Magnifying glasses can also help people with low vision and reading difficulties such as people with macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and many other diseases.

How easy is it to choose a magnifying glass?

Choosing the right magnifying glass is no simple task. There are magnifying glasses – most of them of Chinese origin – of questionable quality and purity of materials on the Internet and in the market, which, while very affordable, are unfortunately very likely not only to tire, but also to damage the eyes. Good magnifying glasses are not sold in supermarkets or stationery stores, they are sold exclusively in specialized optical stores, they are branded, of excellent definition, guaranteed quality and made in Europe and America.

What are the criteria for choosing the right magnifying glass?

Serious criteria for choosing the appropriate magnifying glass are:

  • magnification (how much the text or object needs to enlarge, not necessary the larger the magnification the better)
  • the size of the magnifying glass (width, height or diameter), as well as the weight
  • the brightness
  • the distance of the magnifying glass from the object to be magnified
  • the user’s visual acuity (vision)
  • the age and stability of the user’s hands
  • the combined use of magnifying glass with eyeglasses

Handheld magnifiers:
There are from +3 D to +68 D and alternatively with built-in lighting or without.

Desk-mounted or fixed magnifying glasses:
They have a stand and rest on the page. They help for a few minutes of reading or writing. They can be electric, battery or rechargeable.
They are available in magnifications from +10 D to +80 D.

Magnifiers are intended for occasional use such as reading a phone, bill, expiration date or instructions for use, do not replace glasses, are not suitable for long hours of reading and should not be used if magnification is not necessary.