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Electronic Reading Magnifiers

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20 November 2023
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Electronic reading magnifiers provide a solution in cases of patients with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cone dystrophy, Stargardt’s disease, cataracts whose vision is very low (visual acuity less than 1/10) and even with special low vision glasses reading is not easy.

Electronic reading magnifiers (closed circuit television) are divided into two categories:

  • desk-mounted
  • portable

Their choice depends on the visual acuity, visual field, needs and activities of the patient and they are simple and easy to use.

Desk-mounted electronic reading magnifiers consist of a camera mounted on a fixed mounting arm that displays the text to be read magnified on a television or computer screen.
The camera is capable of optical magnification up to 82x times and is adjusted according to the font size of the text and the needs of the patient. In state-of-the-art desk-mounted systems, the focus is automatic, which makes them very functional and easy to use.
The reading material is placed horizontally under the camera and can be moved in all directions.

Most electronic reading magnifiers are now colored and offer the ability to display black and blue letters on a white background, as well as white, yellow and green letters on a black background. Some systems allow text to be underlined and/or overlayed.

Color electronic reading magnifiers are also useful for reading materials where color is important, such as maps and photographs.
There are electronic reading magnifiers that work together with a computer offering the ability to share the computer screen.

Electronic reading magnifiers are a great solution for performing practical activities such as writing, crossword puzzles, painting, and hobbies that require detail.

Portable electronic reading magnifiers are a little larger than a mobile phone and have the advantage of portability. They can easily be used to enlarge the price of a product, instructions for use, ingredients, expiration dates and the name on the doorbell and are suitable for occasional use and not for long hours of reading as their screen has a small size.

The Optometrist specialized in low vision is the competent scientist who will help the patient choose the most suitable electronic reading magnifier for him and will train him in its use.