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Optometrist Specialized in Low Vision

Γυαλιά Τηλεσκοπικά
Telescopic Glasses
20 November 2023
Βοηθήματα Χαμηλής Όρασης
Low Vision Aids
20 November 2023
Eιδική στη Χαμηλή Όραση Οπτομέτρης

The optometrist specialized in low vision, after the diagnosis of the condition by the ophthalmologist:

  • Investigates the patient’s history and visual abilities
  • Evaluates the patient’s remaining vision and visual acuity
  • Controls the field of view and its depth, the perception in the bright contrasts, the recognition of color contrasts, the ability to adapt from distant to near vision and from bright to dark conditions.
  • Selects and provides– based on the needs, capabilities, age and expectations of the patient – customized low vision aids that will facilitate daily activities, but also special glasses-aids that will increase the patient’s vision, offering him again independence and autonomy.