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Μεγεθυντικοί Φακοί Χειρός και Επιτραπέζιοι
Handheld and Fixed Magnifying Lenses
20 November 2023
Ειδικά Φίλτρα Χαμηλής Όρασης
Special Filter-Protection Glasses
20 November 2023

Microscope-glasses are applied to a frame (like conventional glasses) and ofer comfortable and fast reading even if they are newspaper letters.
They offer the most functional way of reading, because the patient does not need to hold anything else in his hands except the text to be read.
Patients read at the same speed as a person with normal vision.

The only microscope-glasses that exist in the market are manufactured in America, in laboratories that supply NASA with hypersensitive optical instruments.

Revolutionary microscope-glasses diffuse light throughout the retina and not just the macula, as conventional glasses do. In this way, they take advantage of peripheral vision and ‘‘train’’ it to behave like the macula. At the same time, however, with the periphery, the remaining vision in the macula is activated, resulting in visual acuity increasing significantly and in many cases can be more than doubling.