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20 November 2023
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20 November 2023

Albinism is a set of genetic disorders characterized by the body’s inability to produce melanin, a dark pigment that protects tissues from radiation. Thus, the skin and hair are colored almost white, while the eyes have an iris transparent.

What are the ocular features of albinism?

  • Macular hypoplasia.
  • Decreased visual acuity (low vision).
  • Great sensitivity to sunlight (photophobia).
  • Nystagmus.
  • Fluctuations in vision.
  • Strabismus.


It is necessary to use colored lenses with a built-in filter, which protect the eyes from dangerous and penetrating radiation (UVA + UVB + Blue light).
Vision with the use of customized low-vision glasses is trained and gradually increased.

The Optometrist specialized in low vision is the only scientist who will direct the patient, monitor and advise him in order to improve his visual performance.