Ruth Ella Jerome - Χαμηλή Όραση - Οπτικά Σκούταρη
Ιδιοπαθής Πολυποειδής Χοριοειδική Αγγειοπάθεια
19 Δεκεμβρίου 2017
Καπνίζετε; 20 σοβαρές επιπτώσεις του καπνίσματος στα μάτια και την όραση...όσες και ένα πακέτο τσιγάρα
Καπνίζετε; 20 σοβαρές επιπτώσεις του καπνίσματος στα μάτια και την όραση…όσες και ένα πακέτο τσιγάρα
17 Μαρτίου 2018
Μαρτυρίες- Ruth Ella Jerome

When I first came here (to Greece) I had partial vision in my left eye that allowed me to continue my normal activities and to lead a fairly normal life. After exerting myself talking care of a sick relative the sight that I did have deteriorated so  that I could not focus on letters to read and my vision was only peripheral and veered as if I saw everything in an aquarium. When this deterioration occurred I was advised  to see a specialist for Macular Degeneration. I asked this particular Doctor if there was anything he could do for me to improve my vision or retard any further deterioration, and he said,  “There is nothing I can do for you (me). “   No mention  of  visual aids, or glasses, or anything else!  I went home feeling hopeless and cried for two days waiting to go blind.

 My husband saw an ad in a magazine for Tatiana’s practice.   The advertisement was for visual aids and help for those who suffer from Macular Degeneration.

He called and made an appointment.  After a vision test and being tested with many prospective lenses with varying sizes of text she made a prescription that allowed me to read books magazines and even newspapers! With another s prescription I could watch television again! A third set of glasses was to prevent deterioration from the sun.  She also told about fruits vegetables and supplements that retards any further deterioration of my condition.

I have been seeing Tatiana for 12 (twelve) years and she has helped me lead a normal, productive life including learning computer and a I also have a specific pair of glasses for the computer without which the computer would be useless to me.

I am forever grateful that Tatiana published advertisements in various publications that my husband read so that I could find help for my condition. I give out her business cards out to others I meet who have  Macular Degeneration and advise them to call her. She is up to date on all the latest medical advances as well as new technical advances for visual aids.  Thank  you Tatiana!!!